Not So New Year Resolutions

At the beginning of the year, I posted a blog to encourage people to stick to their goals for 2018. If you didn’t read it, check it out here. It is applicable to any resolution, goal, or plan you desire to accomplish.

2018 began with many aspirations, hopes to lose weight, be healthier, be more successful, be financially free, better relationship with those we love. With that in mind, how have you done so far? What challenges have your faced? Did you revise the goal or stop altogether?

If you are like many and have stopped, it’s not too late. The year is not over with and your still have time to make a difference in this year! Don’t procrastinate, be encouraged that the person you see in the mirror is enough!

Part of my goal was to drink only water, well I can say that has been achieved! I’m proud of the fact that I know longer drink sugar with a little bit of tea (get it?), and I feel better because of it. Now, the challenge has progressed to live a lifestyle where I don’t consume any red meats or poultry, only seafood as my source of meat. This has been an evolving desire for my wife and I, over the last 2 years, that we are attempting to make a reality.

The challenges are very real because we live such a busy life that fast food is an easy way to go! But, we are persevering. The first half of the year was a consistent battle because we were struggling to prepare our meals in advance or at least plan out the meals for the week. We were always grabbing last minute items or ordering something from a menu. Since July, we have gotten better and this month has been a big improvement! I am pleased with our progess because we have not only avoided red meats the past couple of months, but also limited our consumption of fast food and if we do, our go to is some sort of salad.

One of the big benefits we’ve noticed besides improved health is the awesome selection of seafood based recipes and the ease of which to make them! That has been one of the biggest pros. On the other hand seafood tends to be more expensive and there are few places that offer a salad with seafood (who knew!).

Although we are not perfect in achieving our goal and are striving to get better, the same goes for you. No matter how inconsistent or how far off you are from your goal, keep going. Make your tomorrow today!

The person in the mirror is enough.

What questions, comments, or encouragement do you have?

David Campbell

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