Partnership with East Carolina University

Partnership with East Carolina University (ECU)!

In partnership with ECU College of Business – Miller School of Entrepreneurship our Co-Founder, David Campbell, was invited to speak to the students. He spoke about his journey as an entrepreneur and the lessons he has learned so far. He focused on the importance of networking to build relationships and connections.
As he stated, “Networking is the avenue for building connections with people. Focus on the relationship. Not quantity, but quality.” “People are the keys to access the doors you need”.

Another great nugget was to find out their passion. He urged to students to allow people to pay them for their passion allowing their passion to create value. The last point he emphasized was “consumer to contributor” perspective. “When people view you as a contributor and not as a consumer, you add value. People are more likely to give you more/better opportunities because you have proven your contributions bring results”.

David looks forward to partnering with ECU in various capacities in the future. Stay tuned for more updates as K & C Accounting #givesback to its Alma Mater.

Go pirates!

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